Sue Nugent
Many of you may recognize Sue who is a familiar face at the shop. She and her husband started the day-sailing business in Camden Harbor on the well known Olad in 1987. The daughter of a yarn shop owner, Sue has extensive experience knitting. Her passion and enthusiasm about yarn come through in her work with customers.   Sue loves to take on a new knitting project as can be seen by the many items she has displayed in the shop.

        Cathy Gottshalk
Cathy is the newest member of our team. She especially enjoys knitting socks, crocheting and hiking. She's quite prolific with her unfinished projects as well! You will enjoy her bright smile and quirky enthusiasm. 


 Heather Parsons                        
Heather is our resident crocheter, who has inspired many of our knitters to explore another traditional art form.  When Heather is not at the Goat, she enjoys knitting, spinning, her rabbits and things photographic.

The Cashmere Goat

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